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Disaster Risk Management

Within the last decade, hazard events have wreaked havoc on the global society, affecting almost every aspect of national development, particularly the most vulnerable. Experts posit that the impacts of disasters will become more severe, with resultant catastrophic implications for human wellbeing and sustained development. Within the context of predicted climate variability and change, and the likelihood of worsening development outcomes, disaster risk management must become a non-negotiable priority for improved quality of life within the Caribbean and the wider international society.

The Roberts Caribbean Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Consultants are poised to provide leadership in risk reduction, while augmenting Members States resilience to significant hazards. We can help by providing these services:

  • Development of National DRM/ Comprehensive Disaster Management Policies
  • Elaboration of Emergency Shelter Management Policies and Operational Manuals
  • Development of Sectoral Disaster Risk Management Plans (e.g. Agriculture DRM Plans)
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Development of Local Area Measures for Climate Change Adaptation
  • Evaluations of progress in meeting key risk reduction indicators
  • Community Resilience Planning
  • General Research